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Anti-oxidant Expert 

Derived from the most authoritative international biological research, Bicelle has developed an exclusive and highly effective medical Anti-oxidant System for the skin. It is able to strengthen and protect cells from threats of external environment including pollutants and UV rays, thus effectively deferring skin ageing.  

Hydra B5 Gel

The power hydrator

Recommended by dermatologists, the Tri-hydra moisturising system is able to penetrate through the surface of the skin. It is a pioneer moisturising product that kicks off true hydration based on intense medical research. Starting with the cells, it provides protection from oxidation and helps them to regenerate. These renewed cells are then injected with 1,000 times moisturising agents to create a deep and long-lasting hydration.

Cell Repair Essence SCA 40

Recommended by 12,000# dermatologists worldwide

Through regeneration, repair, anti-oxidation and blocking harmful substances, the essence is able to restore wrinkles and lines by 45%. SCA, in 40% concentration, stimulates collagen production, increases suppleness and firmness, while restoring ageing cells. After use, the skin feels visibly hydrated, healthy and youthful. For better results, use together with specialist treatments such as laser and peeling.

*15 women aged 35 to 65 years applied SCA for 90 days, Volume 22 No. 5 Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology, 2009
#Research and development department, IFC, Spain, 2013

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