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Regenera Activa

Regenera Activa

Regenera Activa is a company dedicated to the research, development and exclusive international distribution of products for regenerative medicine, Rigenera Technology, being the most innovative and effective product in this field. Regenerative treatment stops the process of androgenetic alopecia and revitalizes the existing hair.



Regenera Activa

MICROGRAFT-- autologous tissue micrograft obtained with Rigenera technology

Androgenetic alopecia can be treated with the capillary regeneration treatment with the Rigenera® method, which has established a before-and-after in the world of treatments for alopecia. Rigenera® is a specially developed and manufactured tool for the clinical application of regenerative treatments using micrografts of progenitor cells that repair damaged tissues. In the same session, the patient is a donor and recipient of the cells, which guarantees a 100% acceptance of the treatment by the patient.




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